About Dave

Hi!  I’m Dave Keuning.

In my career as the CEO of multiple software organizations, I struggled with the challenges of running a business. All too often I felt that I was re-inventing the wheel, trying to solve complex issues on my own without advice. I believed that someone before me must have faced the same problems I was facing. That’s when I discovered the advantage of connecting with CEO peer counterparts.

If you are a leader, business owner or a senior executive, do you find that you:
  • Struggle with holding employees accountable?
  • Have difficulty in getting alignment within your organization?
  • Want to increase the conversational capacity with your employees and in your organization?
  • Spend all your time working *in* the business instead of *on* the business?
  • Feel like it is lonely at the top?

More about me?  See my profile on LinkedIn >>

[Looking for Dave Keuning of the Killers?  I like to call him “the other Dave Keuning” and his Wikipedia page is here.]

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