Looking for Ways to De-Clutter Your Day? Start Here

Success tends to create clutter: more meetings, more projects, more decisions, more items on your to-do list. But often doing more can mean achieving less.

That’s why subtraction can be the best addition, especially when you streamline your workday and, in the process, your professional life.

Instead of doing a total professional makeover, the easiest way is to start small. 

David Keuning‘s insight:

I really enjoyed this article which had some great advice for de-cluttering your day.


Alas, some of these things require conviction in order to get them done.  What do you think?  Are you up to making meaningful change in your life?  Effective time-management is one of the top goals for many of my CEOs in my executive coaching with them. 

This article from inc.com shares 11 great ways to de-clutter your day.  They are all good but my favorite is this one:

  • Fire one customer.  You know the one.  This is the customer who takes up all your time.  Is low revenue.  Provides no profits.  The article suggests you start charging more or providing less.  If you can’t do that it is time to fire that customer.   Read the rest of the suggestions here.


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