Top HR Metrics Honolulu CEOs Want To See

The other day I was talking with a few of the CEOs in my CEO peer group here in Honolulu about measuring their HR departments.

There was a consensus around a few ”must haves” from the HR department. Not unanimous but quite ubiquitous were:

  • Communicating the brand in the interview process.
  • Screening for culture fit (as well as talent and experience) in the interview process
  • Defining a consistent onboarding experience
  • Creating a compensation system that makes sense (“bands” of compensation, industry comps, a feeling of fairness around pay scale, etc)
  • Providing a defined employee development process (Personally, I’m partial to Catalytic Coaching)
  • Assisting in senior leadership development (Isn’t it weird that CEOs will get PD for their staff but don’t do anything for themselves? What’s up with that, HR Department?)

Here is a long list of other KPI to consider:

Finally, here’s a list of several clever metrics that CEOs endorse for their HR department accountable:

  • Revenue per employee. For others it was profitably per employee.
  • Quality of hire improvement. In other words when you make a new hire, did the new hire perform better than the person she replaced?
  • Performance turnover in key jobs. This is a weighted number based on profit contribution of the employee in question. Think of it this way: it costs you more to turnover a high performing individual. Weight it and measure it.
  • Subjective measure of HR contribution on productivity. Sample managers and employees in order to gather data about the contribution of each HR program.
  • Applications per employee. This measures both hiring funnel and company brand. For each position, how many individuals applied?

For more on this topic, see this great article:

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