My New Book!

And in other news… I wrote a book. No, it’s not a business book. It’s more of a bedtime story I wrote for my daughter. I started it when she was 10. Figuring I’d need six months to pump it out, I gave myself two years to do it. I thought that would give me ample time. I mean, seriously. How hard could it be to write a book, right? EIGHT YEARS LATER! It turns out it was harder than it thought. (Also, I’m a better procrastinator than I had originally estimated.)

Interestingly, my Vistage CEO peer group really helped me get it out the door. I make my CEOs set goals for themselves, and one of my CEOs pointed out it was only fair that I create goals too. It was through that process that I realized the one thing I really wanted to accomplish was the completion of the book. Oh sure, I had lots of little things I wanted to get done — almost like a to-do list on an annual scale — but the one BIG thing was this book. The thought that ran through my head was this, “I won’t be able to look back on my life with satisfaction if I don’t get this accomplished.” Sounds kind of extreme, doesn’t it? I thought so too, but it was a big revelation for me. Thanks, Vistage peer group!

Anyway, I looked online this morning and found out that it’s the number one book in the “Children’s General and Other Myth Books” category. Woo-hoo!

Check it out over on Amazon. All the World We Never See.

And if you do happen to read it, do me a favor and write me a review. They say feedback is a gift. I’d love to hear what you think!

Aloha, Dave

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