CEO Peer Groups

Imagine yourself in a room with 10 -12 of your CEO peers.  Unlike your consultants, unlike your employees, unlike your family members — they have no ax to grind.  They are just there to give you unbiased feedback in a group setting.  Sound interesting?

  • IMG_8425What if that team of successful CEO’s was willing to focus their efforts on helping you become a better leader?
  • What if you if they were willing to help you make better decisions?
  • What if the net result was that you consistently got better results in your business?

That is the aim of my Honolulu-based CEO peer group:

  • Better leaders.
  • Better decisions.
  • Better results.

Honestly?  A CEO peer group can be a total waste of time if it doesn’t fit your specific needs.  Here are two resources:

  1. This is my thinking on how to tell if a CEO group is right for you
  2. And here is a great article on the web site that might help you decide.


Take a look!  If you still think a CEO peer group would be right for you, I’d love to talk to you about it.  Want to know more about the group I chair?  Find out a bit about me >>


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