Executive Coaching

In his role as CEO coach, Dave works with some of the most prestigious and successful business owners and executives. He brings high energy, straight talk and a sense of humor, showing executives how to become better leaders, make better decisions and achieve their personal and professional goals.

With demonstrated expertise, wide breadth of knowledge on business topics and a sense of humor, Dave Keuning is ready to share insight, experience and wisdom. Coaching, mentoring and consulting are art forms built on a foundation of trust with the CEO.

With your support and the latitude to push you to achieve, Dave Keuning looks forward to helping you reach new levels, exceeding even your own expectations.

Common areas for coaching include:

  • Business Operations
  • CEO Skills Development
  • Strategic Planning
  • Work-Life Balance
  • Time Management
  • Financial Goals
  • Career Goals
  • Professional and Personal Relationship Goals
  • Health and Wellness Goals

“I would be happy to talk to anybody, no matter what their stage,” Keuning says. “If they’re interested in improving, I could find a way to help them. I have a higher calling to try to help companies in Hawaii succeed.”

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