How a CEO Peer Group Works

It’s not a group where people stand up and introduce themselves by saying, “I’m Bill and I’m a CEO.” It is, however, a group where the leaders and owners of companies with $5 million or more in annual revenue can speak freely and get help from leaders of other companies that are successful.  My CEO peer group is very much like a “brain-trust” for successful executives.


A CEO peer group is a great place to get out of the weeds and start thinking globally and strategically

Group Members
The group is made up of individuals in  noncompetitive industries.  There are no client-vendor relationships. You can sit at a table with twelve of your peers in an unbiased group setting. With no hidden agenda, the experiences and advice shared are more valuable.  (See what my members are saying about the value they’ve received from the group.)

Clarity in Your Thinking
Members like to speak up about steps they have taken that have worked, though absolute solutions are not guaranteed.  Clear warnings about what not to do also are helpful. A CEO might say, “I’ve been down that street. You go down about a mile and there’s a brick wall.” In other words, “I can’t tell you what to do, but I can tell you what I did that wasn’t right.” It’s not all about revenue generation, either.  Say a group member has a sensitive matter to discuss with their No. 2 person. The CEO peer group is a safe place to practice wording and body language and get feedback.

My group also embraces best practices including accountability, so a CEO who raises an issue and gets help at one meeting will be asked “How’d it go ” at the next meeting.

Getting Out of the Weeds
Often I find that members don’t have time to think globally or strategically because they’re in the weeds dealing with manini problems that come up.  The CEO peer group is a great place to gain perspective and think strategically about your business.

Interested?  Find out what to expect on your first day in a CEO peer group.

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