What’s the Value of a CEO Peer Group?

In November, I asked the group “How has our group impacted you?” and “What does the group mean to you?”  Here are a few of the answers:

Peer Groups Can be Great at Helping You Identify Your Own Blind Spots

Peer Groups Can be Great at Helping You Identify Your Own Blind Spots

“My group helps me to focus on solving problems.  Seeing the problems of my group members helps me to solve my own problems.  Hearing feedback is great.  The speakers are always valuable for learning new ideas or reminding me where I’ve gone awry.”

I’ve gained confidence.  I’ve realized no matter what size, some issues affect all companies.  I’ve become more focused.  I’ve begun working on my work/life balance.


“My group is a safe place to get honest feedback and ideas to solve issues.  The speakers push me outside my comfort zone and make me focus on managing the company instead of just the day-to-day problems.”

Vistage is a focal point of my month in assisting with growing into this CEO position that I’ve created.  It has given me the opportunity to stretch and learn.  Being a CEO is not something I was born knowing how to do (know-how, talent, skill sets, etc.).  Vistage allows me to grow in the areas that I need support.


“Vistage is a highlight for me each month.  I appreciate being a member and rely on the group’s mentoring and support.”

My CEO peer group has given me a clearer, wider perspective on my role as a leader.  I’ve gotten some great advice.  It has grounded me and I’ve been able to benchmark my abilities.  It gives me a much needed professional break.  Plus GREAT speakers!


“My group has given me access to a variety of people’s experiences.  I’ve been able to take my responsibilities more seriously without taking myself too seriously.”

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